LineWars - Credits

Credits for LineWars VR

Programming, Modeling, Art, Gameplay

All programming, modeling, texturing, game art and gameplay created by me, Patrick Aalto.
Game icon, logo and Oculus Store cover art by Justin O'Heir (of Art Gate VR).


The story is based on the story of my original LineWars II game, created by Raymond Bingham (wReam).


Story narration and game voice prompts by Scarlett Letterman (TheScarlettWitch89 on

Voice acting

Voice acting for the radio battle chatter provided by the following people:

In addition to the people above who have generously provided their voices specifically for LineWars VR, I have used some parts of the following clips:


Original score for LineWars VR composed by Stelios Klonaridis (Agroglyph).

Sound effects

Most of the sound effects are from having an Attribution license. Some of the effects I have modified specifically for LineWars VR. The used effects are:

Other stuff


Credits for LineWars II (1994)

I couldn't have made a product like LineWars II without the help and prior work of many people. My thanks to:

A special thanks to all the registered users of the original LineWars, and to all of you who helped make LineWars II elegant, reliable, and friendly.

The following tools were used in creating LineWars II: