LineWars II

What is it?

LineWars II is my newest game for PC-compatibles. It was released as ShareWare by Safari Software (which is a subsidiary of Epic MegaGames) during September 1994. It was also released as the Game of the Month in the Epic Forum in CompuServe. The game is a 3D space fight simulation, something like Wing Commander or Elite (without the trading stuff). The unregistered version includes a demo, three single-player missions, a modem game and a network game (for up to 8 players). The registered version adds 6 new single-player missions, and different versions of the modem and network games.

The screen copy below is from a beta version running on an S3 accelerated graphics card at 800x600 resolution. The game only supported up to 256-color graphics modes, which was also what most hardware at that time had.

What hardware it runs on?

The game requires at least the following:

The game also supports:

Where do I get it?

Here you can download the registered version (the game is nowadays freeware) as Note that while it might work on current 32-bit Windows machines, it will most certainly not work on a 64-bit system, and even the low-end Pentium 4 machine will run it so fast that controlling the ship is impossible in VESA 640x480 mode (as that mode is not tied to the screen refresh rate and will run at over 500fps). Running in MCGA 320x200 mode is tied to screen refresh rate so that mode is recommended (even though it looks very ugly) when running it on today's computers.

LineWars II on the web

Here I have collected some 3rd party websites mentioning LineWars II.
Wikipedia page about LineWars II.
LineWars II walkthrough by KirbyRoks.
Terry Butler's LineWars II page. This page has also the original MOD music files by U4ia, who kindly let me use them in LineWars II.
LineWars II @ by WWWWolf
Kris Asick's fun Ancient DOS Games webshow episode about LineWars and LineWars II. Recommended!

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