What is it?

LineWarsDS is a new Nintendo DS port of LineWars II. This project started when a friend of mine showed me his new Nintendo DSi and half-jokingly suggested that I could code my old LineWars II game for it, since there is already a "homebrew" scene for this game console. I originally laughed at the sillyness of the idea, but after I looked into the development kits for Nintendo DS the idea started to appeal more and more, and so I started working on the port.

The hardware of Nintendo DS seems to be a reasonably good match with the PC hardware of 1994, except that Nintendo DS has hardware-assisted 3D routines (while I had to code all those myself back in 1994). Also playing music is really simple, since the music playing routines of Nintendo DS prefer to use MOD files, which just happens to be the music format I used with LineWars II originally. :-)

Here is a screen copy from a Nintendo DS emulator running a beta version of LineWarsDS. The download link is below the screen copy.

Where do I get it?

Download it here as LineWarsDS.nds (1.3MB). You can check the version by using the SELECT button while in the game to go to the "* LineWarsDS System Info *" page, and checking the Compile Date there.

Change Log

Date Changes
July 11th, 2009 Fixed a problem with the HUD distance display. Various other minor fixes.
July 10th, 2009 First public beta version! Some minor bug fixes are still needed and the ship explosions are not yet finished, but the game is in general fully playable.